Jamai Joshthi

Jamai Joshthi- the festival of bonding

Jamai in Bangla means son-in-law and joshthi refers to the second month of Bangla calendar- Joiyshtho. This religious/ cultural festival is held to strengthen bonds between the son in laws and the in laws of a family. Rooted in India, this festival is also a big celebration of food and friendship. The mother in law usually cooks various dishes that are the the son-in-laws favourite. Polao, korma, meat preparations, prawn, fishes and pachon (if vegetarian) are must-haves. The most important thing is this festival however is the array of sweetmeats that are arranged. Sondesh (sweet meats in cubes) made of sugar and molasses are the dessert for this festival and usually the son in law and daughter are sent home with tons of food.