Nobanno Utshob

Nobanno Utshob- Pitha, payes and much more

The word Nobanno is a combination of nobo (new) and onno (rice) which translates into new rice. Utshob which means festival makes the phrase Nobanno Utshob a festival or celebration of new rice. The majority of Bangladeshis still live in rural areas and are heavily dependent on agriculture. It is the month of Agrahayon when the rural households in Bangladesh are filled with the smell of new rice. The festival usually starts at the end of the month when the rural folks invite their relatives and friends to take part in the harvest festival with food, dance, music and friendship. The country’s biggest agricultural celebration nobanno usually marks the harvest of Aman rice which is turned into different kinds of pitha (cakes) and sweet meats. Delicious rice pudding made of fresh milk and sugar/ molasses is also another mouth watering item that is an essential part of nobanno. This festival usually brings forth different mela (fair) that sells local finger food items like sondesh (sweet meats) and naru (sweet meats made of coconut). The fairs are also a meeting place for folk artists who perform different forms of art like singing, dancing, acting and etc. Variety shows, a show that features people performing dances and stage dramas, is also an iconic thing that comes with nobanno.