Bangladesh- a land of food and festivities

Bangladesh- a land of food and festivities

Deborah Cater, a prominent traveller, reviewer and blogger says “You have to taste a culture to understand it.” Once you get a taste of Bangladeshi food, this will definitely convince you that the culture is one that is build on harmony. The ethnic diversity has adorned the country with a multi-faceted folk heritage. The cultural unity is reflected in our celebrations too where hundreds of religious and cultural festivals are celebrated by most of the Bangladeshis.

Baro mashe tero parban (thirteen festivals in twelve months) is an expression that is the first one to come to mind when we talk about the festivals of Bangladesh. Each of these festivals brings its own platters catering to the Bangladeshi palates and making the cultural heritage richer. This list of festival foods chosen for this article is by no way an exhaustive one, rather a most common one that is celebrated widely in the country and among the Bangladeshi communities living around the world.

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